Create and manage single, group, and new hire moves. Easily manage all move projects—employees, equipment, furniture, and more—in one location

SpaceView’s Move management software is designed to create, manage, and complete moves in three clicks or less. Perfect for coordinating office space management, users can create move projects for people, equipment, rooms, and any type of asset on desktop and mobile devices. Enhance your space planning by keeping track of all changes to workspace configuration through easy-to-use, no-training-required IWMS software. Reduce your churn rate. Stay efficient, avoid delays, and eliminate downtime in relocation management. Maximize usage of your entire real estate portfolio by streamlining the move management process.

New Hire Moves

Create move projects for new hires. Display on the floorplan which spaces are reserved for new employees.

Group Move

Plan, assign, and schedule move projects for large groups of people, equipment, assets, and rooms. Track where they are moving to and from.

Single Moves

Create a move project for a single person, piece of equipment, room, or asset. Easily manage and complete from one location.

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