The best space management software solution.

Simplify IWMS in three clicks or less with SpaceView.



Search and find people, places, and assets.


Schedule or book conference rooms, meeting rooms, and hotel spaces.


Keep things running smoothly with maintenance and work requests.


Update locations and request move management for people, places, and assets.


Minimize floorwalks with email surveys for quick workplace updates.


Analyze workplace management effectiveness by reviewing occupancy and vacancy reports.

Locate all real estate in one platform.

SpaceView, the best facilities management software solution, displays all real estate portfolios in a simple, easy-to-use world map.

View all your organization’s real estate with the world map view. Leverage facilities data to optimize space allocation within all real estate. Unify all employees throughout your organization by giving them access to building floorplans for any campus, site, or premise.

Streamline facilities management and maintenance with our Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software solutions. Make organization a priority in just one click: view floor plans, occupancy, vacancy, unused space, and where departments, divisions, and business units are located.


Utilize and manage all workspaces.

Book, schedule, and reserve office space for daily, weekly, or monthly needs.
Schedule and manage space allocation with room reservations, and avoid workspace and booking conflicts for meeting rooms, conference rooms, and hotel spaces. Preview the room configuration, equipment, and amenities to determine whether the space meets your needs. If needed, request an equipment and amenities set up before the room is used.


Connect your employees and locations.

Search for people, spaces, equipment, and more in one IWMS platform.
SpaceView Locator allows facilities professionals to track the location of their colleagues, equipment, parts, and more. Browse a simple, easy-to-use floorplan and drill into key details to locate anything you need. Request to update the location of any employee to keep drawings current and up-to-date.


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