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In addition to the RSC product line we provide Professional Services. These services are focused in four areas. Consulting is the core that provides solid IWMS implementations. Reporting justifies the costs and installation of an IWMS system and provides the essentials to make strategic decisions for your Real Estate and assets. Modifying the code for business process optimization, notifications, alerts, and overall workflow is where RSC shines. AutoCAD expertise provides the foundational data needed to start the assessment of your facilities.

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Strong Professional Consulting Skills - Providing strong consulting services requires a listening attitude. RSC staff are trained to have no preconceived ideas. We listen, comprehend, synthesis, and then consult. This approach provides our customer with the solution they requested.

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RSC programmers code in multiple languages. Some code languages include; php, java, javascript, JSON, HTML, HTML5, PERL, Visual Basic, dotNET, etc.

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RSC delivers reports for four audiences. These audiences have vastly different needs and requirements. The audiences are:

  • Chiefs and Vice Presidents
  • Managers and Directors
  • Individual Contributors
  • Staff at Large

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RSC provides AutoCAD drafters and experts to prepare and connect your existing drawings into ARCHIBUS. ARCHIBUS can accept any layer convention provided.