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Locate all real estate in one platform

Take facilities management to a new level. Spaceview is a powerful user-friendly viewer that works with leading workplace management solutions to enable anyone in the company to get information they need in 3 clicks or less.

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Easy Access For Any Employee

Spaceview provides an employee-accessible layer on top of your existing IWMS database. Connect your employees and locations and manage across your organization's real estate with ease. Integrates easily with corporate real estate management systems such as Archibus, ESRI, Tririga, Planon, FM Systems and more.

  •   • Search for people, spaces, equipment and more in a single platform with the world map view.
  •   • Book, schedule and reserve office space for daily, weekly or monthly needs.
  •   • Generates floor plan views in less than 2 seconds.
  •   • Desktop or mobile access.
  •   • No employee training required.


Empower employees to self-serve. Schedule a workspace from anywhere for anyone.

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Communicate efficiently and effectively. Manage and view moves in a simplified view.

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Keep your buildings clean and safe. Provide a user-friendly work request platform.

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Hybrid Workplaces Reimagined

Employees use Spaceview to book meeting rooms on the fly and reserve hotel spaces when they are in the office. Co-workers can easily find each other on any given day.

Spaceview helps allocate space optimally to accommodate a hybrid workforce. Analyze space utilization by reviewing occupancy and vacancy trends. Management dashboard makes it easy to see the floor and meeting room occupancy in real-time.

SpaceView Highlights

  • activity dashboard
  • surveys & feedback
  • online booking
  • employee directory
  • mobile access
  • space management
  • facility scheduling
  • real-time updates
  • occupancy management
  • real-time scheduling
  • floor plans & maps
  • multi-location

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