RSC-ESRI-Archibus Location Synchronization Platform

For organizations who want more efficient reporting capabilities across database applications, REALS provides seamless access to data from either ESRI and Archibus modules, to power comprehensive business processes and reporting, and provide up-to-date, real-time views of portfolio data across both systems.

REALS provides bi-directional asset tracking across ESRI and Archibus platforms. REALS provides a single source of truth for all assets in order to provide:

Quarterly or Annual Reports

If you require cost of ownership calculations for both indoor and outdoor assets, you can use REALs to consolidate data for reports.

Real-time Reporting

View data via dashboards, summaries (cross tab reports), and Archibus Homepages. Drill down to line item data.

Single Application Access

Enjoy streamlined access to functionality from either ESRI or Archibus for workflows that exist in both applications.

Mobile Application Access

Any individual (employees, vendors, public, etc) can request service for indoor and outdoor assets using Microview.

REALS is an ETL (extract, transform and load application) providing bi-directional synchronization that can be scheduled to run on a recurring or one-time schedule. Provides a proven turnkey platform that is easy to implement, currently used by Fortune 500 organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your organization already has ESRI Indoors, Archibus modules provide added facilities management functionality that provide data and insights to power cost-saving facilities management decisions. REALS connects the databases to centralize data across systems and provide a single source of truth to power strategic decision making.

  •   • Work order management ‐ Resource management reporting to justify investment decisions.
  •   • Project management ‐ Rollup reporting for proposed and existing projects to help with budgeting and analysis by project type.
  •   • Energy management ‐ Automated reports and metrics summarized on demand to create comprehensive usage visibility across groups, locations and utility.
  •   • Asset management ‐ Comprehensive visibility into asset lifecycles to support maintenance, budgeting and ownership.
  •   • Capital Budgeting ‐ Consolidates view of current and historical estimates, budgets and actuals across projects and programs.
  •   • Real Estate portfolio ‐ Tracks a wholistic view of total cost of ownership (buildings structures and land).

Dashboards provide comprehensive view of data to support insightful analysis and planning, to enable efficient resource management and cost saving decisions. Annual reports creation can also take in all of this data, making it faster, easier and more accurate to produce.

If your organization already has Archibus modules to provide facilities management functionality, data and insights to power cost-saving facilities management decisions, ESRI Outdoors and Indoors can provide visibility of assets in spatial terms. REALS can then connect the databases to centralize asset tracking across systems and provide a single source of truth to power consolidated dashboards.

  •   • ESRI ArcGIS Outdoors provides a geographical map of outdoor assets such as roads, utilities, signage, external lighting, landscape features, benches, etc. As well as demographic zones such as population density, contour mapping, flood plains, and economic segments.
  •   • ESRI ArcGIS Indoors provides a 3D floorplan for indoor zones and assets such as room categorizations, organizational breakdown, path of travel, heatmaps, fire extinguishers, break areas, printing stations, etc.