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Delivery Manager

It’s a fact; packages and mail are routinely lost or misplaced after receipt in the loading dock but before final delivery to the intended recipient. Reduce the number of lost or misplaced deliverables and save money by using MicroView Delivery Manager. This new application utilizes your existing space inventory and personnel data to document the process from receipt, delivery or pickup. Powerful features such as electronic signature and automated delivery date/time capture expedite the flow of letters, packages, and assets within your organization.

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  • Receive

    Packages, letters, or assets coming into your company can be scanned and routed for delivery. Delivery manifests are generated by route and dispatched to a delivery person’s handheld device.
  • Deliver

    Personnel scan packages at the point of delivery, verifying the recipient by virtue of an electronic signature. Undelivered packages are flagged and comments or notes can be captured and reported on the spot.
  • Pickup

    While in-route, delivery personnel can pick up packages for internal or outbound distribution. Packages can be delivered within the current route or reprocessed for later delivery on another route. If a package is destined to go out of the building, it can be processed in the field and taken back to the delivery dock for courier pickup.