Work Request Date to Perform Field

Work Request Date to Perform Field

This document has been verified against v24.1 functionality and may be different in later versions.

Date to perform is a calculated field, it is updated by the scheduled workflow rule updateWrDateAssigned, which will run daily if enabled.

Date to perform is calculated based on the earliest of all scheduled work on the request. This includes:

  1. Scheduled Craftspeople (wrcf)
  2. Scheduled Trades (wrtr)
  3. Schedule Tools (wrtl)

Updating Date to perform: If you wish to update the date to perform, you just need to change the date scheduled for the work assignments.

  1. ARCHIBUS recalculates this once daily when the workflow rule runs, so you will need to wait up to 24 hours to see the change.
  2. Note: This also means that if you manually update date to perform it will revert back to the calculated value. In earlier version of ARCHIBUS there was an application setting to turn this off but not in v24.1 or later
  3. Note: Date to perform is independent from escalations

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