Updating SpaceView Return Group Data in Web Central

Updating Return Groups in Web Central

These views are available as standard RSC Web Central views and can be rolled out to whatever rolls or users need to use them.

Edit Team Options for SpaceView Return Groups

This form allows you to review/update your return groups, or bulk-upload if you would like to transfer in a large list of groups. This is also where you associate an icon to the group if you want it to display over the Team Space on the “Return Groups w/Team Space” highlight. Any icon can be used, but there are a set of stock icons available automatically that you just need to input the file for. If you wish to use another icon please contact RSC to add it to the server for you.

Edit Team Assignments for SpaceView Return Groups

If you need to assign employees to multiple groups or have employees in the same room assigned to different groups, you can do that in this Web Central form by selecting “Add New” and then adding the employee code and the team code. You can also use this form to transfer in large lists of employees if necessary.

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