SQL Automation Engine Introduction

SQL Automation Engine

  • Standalone executable that performs companion tasks for Archibus
  • Normally runs on the server and requires an ODBC connection to talk to the database
  • Archibus version agnostic
  • Requires custom schema to the database
  • Can interface with it through web central, smart client, or client server
  • All configuration (ex: email notifications) is data-driven, changes require no restart to the SQL Automation Engine or web central
  • Once installed, you can restart the SQL Automation Engine from within Archibus
  • Built in error checking, will email you with any issues
  • SQL Watch Engine will email you every 10 minutes if the SQL Automation Engine is down
  • Application can be put into demo mode for testing where all emails go to a fixed user
  • RSC has been using this product with clients since 2009

Email Notifications

  • Html formatting for email notifications – https://knowledgebase.rsc2lc.com/rsc-sql-automation-engine-email-notification-options/
  • Easy to configure new notifications based on data changes or scheduled events
  • Two options for emails:
    • One email for each piece of data
      • Ex: email to each new hire on their start date with instructions on where to find their seat
    • Aggregate email listing all data in a table
      • Ex: email to manager of new hires with all new hires starting so they can be seated
  • Post SQL events – if a data driven email notification you can use the post SQL to change the data so it wont go out again (RSC often uses a custom RSC Email Status
  • Can email to a fixed person, to multiple people, or to someone based on related data (ex: requestor of ticket, building contact for building the employee is seated in, manager of employee)

Other Components:

  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Sync Engine

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