RSC Customization Standards for Web Central

This document describes the customization standards that RSC follows when customizing files for clients, and the standards that clients should follow if they decide to do any of their own customization.

Please follow these standards when customizing anything in Web Central. This is very important for ARCHIBUS version upgrades as RSC is then able to 1) move all custom files in the upgrade, and 2) update files to make them compatible with new versions of ARCHIBUS.

The very first step before customizing, however, is to reach out and set a meeting with RSC so we can assist with more guidelines and support to get you started.

RSC and [Client] Folders

This document will reference the RSC and [Client]. This is a folder that should be created in the schema folder under ab-products. The Client folder should be named with the 3-letter acronym for your company and the same 3-letter acronym should be used throughout all customizations.

Web Central .AXVW and .JS File Customizations

File Names and Locations

New Custom Files and Small Customizations

Rule: If you customize a file, you rename and move it to the rsc or [client] folder

Note: If this file is referenced in another file, you will need to rename and move that file too.

File Name: prefix “rsc-“ or with your 3-letter company prefix

File Location: under schema\ab-products\rsc

Customizations to Large File Networks like the Building Operations Console or Space Console

Rule: If you are customizing a Space Console or Building Ops Console file, rename the original file instead of the new file, and leave both in their original location

Reasoning: These forms reference too many other forms to rename all references, and then you would be renaming forms that you didn’t change to be consistent. Instead, renaming the original file keeps the record of the changes to upgrade, and leave in place so that they are together and are near the files related to them. Can be found in an upgrade by searching “rsc” or your company acryonym.

File Name: Rename original “-original-rsc.axvw” (or your company acronym) and do not rename custom

File Location: Leave both files in their original location

File Annotation


  1. All customized or new files need to be annotated with a header and inline documentation
  2. If a new view based on another view, then note the file name in the header
  3. If the view references custom virtual tables or JAVA files, note this in the header

Reasoning: Should be able to know that the view is custom, who customized it to ask questions, when it was customized to track version, and what was changed to find errors. Need to include the view it was based on because then if ARCHIBUS updates and needs to change how a view works, then we can reference the Archibus view when updating our view for the new version. If you aren’t around, someone else needs to be able to figure out what you did.

Header: Author, Date, and Revision. Also note the view it was based on or views it references if applicable.

Inline: Notes of where changes are inline, or note in the header directing to documentation


Mark Custom Views with Logo

Rule: All customized or new Web Central views should have the RSC image or client customization logo on them.

Reasoning: Users should be able to see easily what views have been customized and by whom. This is especially important for large consoles where you are not updating the file name.

File Name: rsc-title-logo.js and RSCimage.png or client-title-logo.js and Clientimage.png

File Location: schema\ab-products\rsc\customTitleImg

Instructions: For RSC customizations, add <js file=”rsc-title-logo.js”/> to your main .axvw file; see test-title.axvw for example. For client customizations add <js file=”client-title-logo.js”/> to your main .axvw file; see client-test-title.axvw for example. If you are a client making the customization please verify that the appropriate files are present.

Note: If you wish to use a different logo on your customizations (for example, your company logo), replace the Clientimage.png file in the schema\ab-products\rsc\customTitleImg folder with the icon you wish to use.


Updating Views you have already customized

Rule: Rename the old version with “_yymmdd” to keep record of old versions and replace the file with your new version. Make sure you annotate the new file with what you changed.

Note: You will need to delete the compiled schema for that view (in the schema compiled folder instead of the schema folder) to see your changes.

Add to Master Customization Document

Rule: Record all client customizations in their customization document

File Name: rsc-custom.txt or [client 3-letter acryonym]-custom.txt

File Location: schema\ab-products\rsc or the client folder

Submit the View to the Knowledge Base

Rule: If your customization is generalizable to other clients, submit it to the knowledge base so it can be re-used.

Reasoning: Increase efficiency by not making the same customization multiple times.

ARCHIBUS Schema Customizations


  1. New Tables Names: Prefix all custom tables with “rsc-“ or your 3-letter company acryonym for client customizations.
  2. New Custom Fields: Prefix all custom field names in standard tables with “rsc-” or 3-letter company acryonym.
    1. Reasoning: ARCHIBUS has been known to add fields later of the same name that RSC added
    2. Note: not all fields in a custom table need to be prefixed with “rsc”, BUT do need to have “RSC xxxx” in the comments fields
  3. All Customizations: If customizing afm_tbls, afm_flds, afm_ptasks, or afm_processes, always add “RSC xxxx” (or 3-letter company acronym) to the comments field, where “xxxx” is the name of the project if part of a larger project.
  4. Add to Master Customization Document

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