Reports Central Fixes

Reports Central Fixes

Reports Central Record Export Limit Fix

Reports Central had an export limit of 100 records, likely to be resolved in version 26.4. If you need to export more than 100 records in versions 26.2 or 26.3, you can add the following to set the record limit parameter. No restart is required.

Path: schema/ab-products/common/report-central/ab-report-central-grid.js

parameters.recordLimit = -1;

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Reports Central Date Created Fix

While you are making that change, you might as well also put in the fix for the date created field. In 26.2 and 26.3 this field populates  “Date Created” field with the day you create it as the year – for example the one created on the 22nd says it was created in 2022. No restart is required.

Path: schema/ab-products/common/report-central/ab-rpt-wiz-main.js

record.setValue(‘afm_view_configuration.date_created’, new Date());


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