How to Update Web Central Report Exporting Limits

Changing Report Record Limits

Problem: You export a report from Web Central and only get a 1000 or so records, and you need to export a larger data set.

Solution: Archibus allows these limits to be set at either the global or report level, depending on the needs of the organization.

Global Level

  1. Update the global record limit in Archibus/web-inf/context/compatibility/afm-config.xml
    1. Zero (“0”) means “unlimited”
  2. Restart Web Central

Report Level

  1. Report views obey the record limits that are by default specified in the recordLimits element in the afm-config.xml file. Specific report views can override the default record limits, as shown in the second example view which creates a mini-console (Smart Search console). RecordLimit = 0 means “unlimited”

<panel type=”grid” id=”rmReport” dataSource=”rmReportDs” recordLimit=”20″>

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