How to Update AutoCAD Version for the RSC AutoCAD Ribbon

1. Open this file: C:\Users\mritzman\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\RSCSmartClientTools.bundle\PackageContents.xml
Note: Example given here is mritzman (the username will be different).

2. Around line, 18, you’ll see something like this:  

  OS=”Win32|Win64|MacOS” Platform=”AutoCAD|AutoCAD*” SeriesMin=”R18.0″
  SeriesMax=”R20.0″ SupportPath=”./Contents/BMP;./
  Contents/Menus;./Contents/LISP; ./Contents/Support” />

3. Delete the entire line “SeriesMax=”R20.0”
Note: That line sets an upper limit for which version of AutoCAD will work with the the ribbon palette.

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