How to Transfer Archibus Roles

Web Central – How to Transfer ARCHIBUS Roles

This document is to explain the relationship between tables in Archibus related to roles. The main use for this is to allow you to create a new role in development, and then export it to move the new role to production after testing.

  1. Export the following tables restricted to the new records you added only:
    1. afm_processes
    2. afm_ptasks
    3. afm_roles
    4. afm_roleprocs
    5. afm_groupsforroles
  2. Import the previous tables in the same order they are shown above.
    1. Open client server, open your desire table and show your desired fields, export to excel, copy and paste values from client spreadsheet into freshly-exported spreadsheet, note number of records before and how many you are loading, import spreadsheet (with “show log” checked – will open automatically in notepad upon completion), compare numbers of records to expected, look in log file for errors and follow up on any records that didn’t import
  3. Below is a diagram detailing the relationships between the tables

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