How To Scan Parts to Update Inventory

Parts are barcoded, and if the client has purchased a windows mobile scanner using MicroView, the client can scan parts to update quantity.


  1. Scan bin location
  2. Scan part
  3. Enter quantity
  4. Click END
    1. If you are entering a part not in Archibus, you can click next which will let you add a description
  5. Continue steps 1-4 until done
  6. Next to the sync button you can also “review” or “delete” parts if you made a mistake while scanning, or you are not sure that something scanned properly. You can also change quantities.
  7. Open Windows Mobile Device Center on your desktop
  8. Put device in cradle
  9. Click “sync” on the device screen – will say “sync successful” when done
  10. Run task “Physical Inventory Variance” in Web Central to update quantity available from physical count quantity
    1. In Robert’s favorites
    2. May be slow if the server is slow – be patient!
  1. Optional: Review what you updated in the “Data Transfer” application in Web Central


  1. Can’t read barcode? Can look up part in database instead of scanning
  1. No Bin Location Barcode? Enter the location code manually
  2. If the scanner won’t connect:
    1. Make sure Windows Mobile Device center is open
    2. Take scanner out of cradle and then put back in

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