How To Manage SpaceView Move Projects

The Group Move Process

Group Move Projects are used to move large groups of employees. This is useful when team are moving between areas or when updating after a floor walk. The group move process is to:

  1. Create a move project
  2. Collaborate with Space Managers to add employees and their seats to the move project
  3. Submit the move project when all the data is collected
  4. Complete the move project on the day of the move to seat the employees

Creating a Move Project and Adding Employees

To start a move project in SpaceView, start by logging in and selecting the Moves module.

Once you have selected the moves module it will default to the Move Projects tab. In the Move Projects tab there are a few options that you will see.

Here you can Create a New Move Project, or you can view your projects that have already been created by their status.

To create a move project, select the Create New Move Project link. Once you have selected the link you will see a screen where you are able to add the information about the project. After you have filled in all the fields like in the example below, select Create Move Project.

Once you have created the move project you will be able to add people and/or equipment to the move.

You will start by selecting Assign Items to Move on the left side of the screen. After making the selection you will be able to add employees and/or equipment to the move in the lower panel of the screen.

Before adding employees you can select the default building and floor. This will be added to the employee when you add them to the project so that if your move is for all one building and floor you do not need to add it for every employee.

In the search box you can type in the name of the employee that you would like add to the move project. Once you see the employee you want to add in the search results, select Add Employee to add them to the move project. Repeat this process for every employee that you would like to add.


Once the employees that you would like to move have been added to the move project you can start filling in the new location information.

You will want to start by adding the building, floor, and neighborhood (or room) information. If the employee is not going to be assigned to a room you can also select non-seated. The building, floor, and room information is stored in the database and the field will turn green if the location is valid. You can also double click on the box to and a list of available buildings, floors, or rooms will appear for you to select from.

You can also click on the employee name once you have added a building and floor to bring up a floorplan so you can click on the floorplan to select the room to seat the employee in.

You also have the option to add a secondary location to an employee by selection the secondary location check box. This will create a duplicate employee record that ends in _DUP so that you can assign employees to more than one location. The employee ergonomic information is also tracked by the move. If the employee that has been added has ergonomic information associated with them, you will see the green circle under the ergo column. You can also add notes which will show in the move project summary.

Once you have added all the employees and location information to the move you can select View Move Summary and you will be able to see an overview of everything that you have added to the move project. You also have the option to export the move summary to excel by selecting the Export button in the upper right hand corner of the view.

After you have completed filling in and reviewing all the move information you will want to select submit move project. If there is someone who is reviewing your move projects before they are completed they will now be able to do so.

Once the move project has been submitted you have a few options. You can cancel the move project by selecting the Cancel Move Project button or if there are some changes that need to be made you can select the Withdraw Move Project button to add/change the necessary information and then re-submit the move project.

On the day of the move you need to complete the move project, this will immediately move your employees to their new seat locations. Once you select the button you will be able to enter a completion date and select Complete Move Project.

You have now completed your move project!

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