How To Manage Single Moves in SpaceView

How to Request a Single Move

In SpaceView navigate to the Employees Tab under the Locator tab and search for the employee you wish to move. Select their name from the list and then select either the “Employee Details” or “Employee Summary” View.

Click “Update Location” and select the building and floor from the dropdown. You can then either select the room from the dropdown or click on the room from the floorplan that appears, then click “Submit”.

How to Manage Moves in the Single Moves Tab

Click on the request record to bring up maps of their current and proposed location. To accept the move, click “execute move order” or to cancel an inappropriate move click “cancel move order”.

Please note that you will need to be logged in with the appropriate security group on your user account to update moves. Once you execute the move order the employee’s location will immediately update.

The navigation tree on the left can be used to find open, completed, or cancelled moves.

Note: Please discuss your move process with RSC as is can be enhanced to fit your needs. Commonly email notifications are added so that the designated space manager or space team distribution list receive an email notification of new single move requests, and the employee is notified when their request is completed or cancelled. The email verbiage can be customized entirely to fit your needs.

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