How To Manage Floorplan Security

Floors in SpaceView can be secured so that they do not appear to non-admin users. This is used when changes are being made to floorplans or new floors that are being moved into are not open yet. Please note that this does not hide the building and floor information other than the floorplan, and if you wish the building to be secret please set to “Display in SpaceView = No” in the site, building, or floor table.

  1. Log into SpaceView with your ARCHIBUS credentials. If you have the security group SV_ADMIN you will be able to see checkmarks next to each floor in Geography.
  1. All green checkmarks are for unsecured floors (all users can see). Red checkmarks designate secured floors (only logged in admin users with the SV_FLOORS security group can see).
  2. Click on a checkmark to change it from red to green or green to red. In the database this adds the security group name SV_FLOOR into the Group Name field of the floors table. Unsecured floor have no group name.
  1. When a non-admin user or someone not logged in tries to view the floorplan, they are prompted to log in:

Other Display Issues:

  • Select Floorplan in SpaceView and “Drawing not available for this floor.” Appears.
    1. Click again to make sure it wasn’t a loading error (can be an issue if you click between too many floorplans too quickly.
    2. If still displays this error, then drawing was not published properly or SpaceView cannot access the file. Check CADNow publishing path, if the files are updated after publishing, and if the folder is shared correctly.
  • Building/Floor/Site not showing in navigation tree.
    1. Check that you have created a building record, floor record, and at least one room record (will not show without a room record connected).
    2. Check that the building record has all the information required to show in navigation tree (usually state, city, site – check other building records and make sure that the same fields are populated).
    3. Check the site, building, and floor tables to make sure that the “Display in SpaceView?” field in each is set to “Yes”.

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