How To Manage Equipment in SpaceView

Viewing Equipment in SpaceView

SpaceView allows for users to locate equipment, but equipment can also be added, viewed, moved, or deleted from within SpaceView. Any additional equipment information beyond equipment code, equipment standard, and equipment location must be managed from within Web Central.

Viewing Equipment

Equipment can be viewed both within the equipment module by searching for it, as well as in the geography highlight it if has an icon associated with it.

Searching for Equipment: To look up a specific piece of equipment by its code, or to review a list of all equipment, click on Locator and then Equipment to navigate to the equipment search.

Enter the equipment ID you wish to search for, or the equipment standard to view all equipment of that standard, or simply click search without any criteria to view a complete list of all equipment.

Once the search results come up, click on the equipment record you wish to review and it will bring up its location with room highlighted. If your equipment has an icon that will show as well.

Next to view you can select a view from the dropdown to see more information about the equipment. The views are

  1. Equipment Summary – View but not edit equipment data
  2. Equipment Edit – Edit equipment data fields, currently you are only able to edit the equipment standard here or upload an image.
    1. Note: this is where you would edit equipment data if you wished to include more equipment details in the future. This access is usually restricted to users with the SV_ADMIN SpaceView Security group.
  3. Floor Plan – view the equipment icon on the floorplan or room highlighted.

Viewing Equipment Location: to view the equipment on a particular floorplan, navigate to Geography and select your desired site, building, and floor from the navigation tree on the left. Then select the equipment highlight by selecting “Equipment” from the view dropdown.

This will bring up all your equipment icons on the floorplan. In the legend you will see all the equipment standards on your floorplan, or categories if you are grouping by category. If you click on the checkboxes next to the standard it will show only equipment with those standards on the floorplan.

Adding Equipment to Floorplans

RSC Implementation Steps

  1. Assign Security Group to Users to see it
    1. Turn on in SpaceView security group and make sure the correct users have it
    2. Turn on equipment highlight in geography
    3. Decide if the equipment should be grouped by standard, or standard category (if there are lots of standards).
  2. All Equipment Needs: A Standard assigned to it
  3. All Equipment Standards need: Graphic Icon, Description, and Equipment Category (if you are grouping by category)
    1. Graphic Icon – shows on floorplan
      1. Add file name to field in eqstd table:
      2. Add icon to folder for dev and prod databases (exact location may vary)
  1. Description – this is what displays in the dropdown when you are adding equipment.
  2. Equipment Category – text that shows in legend if you group by category, allows you to group on floorplan
    1. All standards with the same Equipment Category need the same Graphic Icon or it will only show one of the icons.
    2. Make sure capitalization is the same or will show twice
  3. Automatically adds icon in correct room on floorplan for equipment already created
    1. Need to manually move icon to correct place in room
      1. SpaceView Equipment Module – Location Update – select floorplan
      2. Click on icon – set location, click to move
    1. Saves coordinates in equipment record.
    2. Can rotate by setting a rotation angle and clicking “Set”.


Equipment Icon Specifications

  • .gif file
  • Square
  • Colored (not just black and white, can’t find on floorplan)
  • Looks good when small
  • RSC can assist in creating icons, or you can supply the icon to use

Adding New Equipment

New equipment can be added through the equipment module in SpaceView. Click on Locator and then Equipment, and then Location Update.

Select the site, building, and floor from the navigation tree on the left side of the screen to view the floorplan.

This will bring up a view of the equipment currently placed on that floorplan. Click “add new” above the floorplan to add a new piece of equipment.

Select the equipment standard from the dropdown and create a unique 12 digit equipment code. Click Save.

Then click on the floorplan where you’d like to place the equipment. Make sure you can clicking on the correct work space so that the correct room number is assigned.

You can hover your cursor over the icon to review the equipment ID, standard, and room number. If you click on the icon you can also re-set the location of the equipment, rotate the icon, or remove the equipment. Removing the equipment permanently removes the equipment record.

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