How To Implement Archibus Mobile

Implementing Archibus Mobile

Technical Implementation: Not heavily involved

Main issue: Setting up Users

  • Downloading App, Registering Devices, Correct Web Address, Initial slow sync

Training: Straight forward

  • purchase the ARCHIBUS Mobile Framework
  • purchase licenses for the Web Central application activities that correspond to the mobile apps you wish to deploy
  • for each user requiring a mobile app, assign the corresponding Web Central application to their role
  • for each user requiring a mobile app, assign the mobile security group to their role

More information:

Can also set up a guest user – see link

Configure Users

  1. Add or Edit Users: Mobile Device Enabled: Yes (for all users)
  2. Assign Processes to Roles or Users
    1. Select Role, click button “add mobile apps to roles”
    2. Automatically assigns appropriate security groups!

Download App:

  1. Download: Archibus mobile client 3.0
  2. URL: ex:
  3. Enter Username/password
  • First sync will be very slow, downloading all files
  • Device ID is auto-registered when they register their device (auto-populates ID automatically when syncs with user)
  • Check field to make sure synced properly

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