How To Hide or Remove Problem Types

The following tasks are easy and can be changed at any time:

  1. Hide Problem Types in SpaceView
  2. Updating a problem type description (this is what shows in SpaceView)

The following tasks are more complicated and should not be taken lightly:

  1. Deleting problem types

And the following tasks should not be done without major discussion:

  1. Renaming problem types
  2. Changing the problem type hierarchy

Changing problem type name is a big deal

  • Messes up reporting – inconsistent problem type, have to remember to restrict to several problem types, bad for clean data
  • Problem types are for the user – should not be reorganized whenever there is an internal team change
  • Some problem types are involved in automatic tickets, need to update those tickets

Showing/Hiding Problem Types in SpaceView

Problem Types are shown in SpaceView if they have the “display in Spaceview” (probtype.sv_view) flag set to “yes”.

Updating this requires Smart Client or is in the standard RSC Web Central admin views for SpaceView.

Deleting Problem Types

Deleting a problem type removes it from any open work requests (work requests that have not been closed), and from the SLA (creating a blank catch-all SLA), so it is important to follow these steps to delete them carefully.

  1. Hide the Problem Type in Spaceview

This will ensure that no requests are added while you are in the process of deleting the problem type.

  1. Check Work Request Table for Active Work Requests

Associated table: wr

Navigate to Web Central, Applications, On Demand Work, Building Operations Reports, Open Work Requests.

In the first tab “By Problem Type and Status” click “show” and make sure that all columns for the problem type you wish to delete has a count of zero. If any are still open please contact the craftsperson involved to make sure they are closed before proceeding. If there are no open work requests then you may proceed to the next step.

  1. Remove the Problem Type from the SLA

Associated table: helpdesk_sla_request

Navigate to Web Central, Applications, Service Desk Manager, Manage Service Level Agreements.

Enter the Problem Type you wish to search for then click “Filter”.

Click on “Edit Details” and then next to Problem Type click “Add More”. Unselect the Problem Type and then click the orange buttons to proceed through the steps to resave the SLA without this Problem Type.

Or, if the Problem Type is the only on the SLA, then click the “x” next to the SLA to delete it.

  1. Delete the Problem Type

Associated table: probtype

Navigate to Web Central, Applications, On Demand Work, Business Process Owner, Define Problem Types.

Search for the Problem Type, click on it to bring up the details, and click the “Delete” button on the right.

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