How to Create a Web Central Document Field that Displays the Image After it is Added

How to Create an Auto loading image view –


  1. Create your view using the View Definition Wizard (Table used must have an Image_file type field like below, connor_albums.image_file on stage is a good example)

‘Field Attributes’ code:


<documentManagement maxDocumentSize=”10000000″ versioningOn=”true” autoNameFile=”false”>

<lockingOptions lockOnCheckout=”true” clearLocksOnCheckIn=”true”/>



  1. Once your view is created, use it to load an image
  2. First, click ‘Add new’ next to the panel name
  3. After adding a new row, select the new item from the list and click on the upload arrow to add your image

  1. You will be prompted to “Check In New Document”, this is where you browse for your image file

  1. Click ‘OK’ and Save
  2. May have to hit ‘Refresh’ in the panel, the image should show when you select it

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