How to Add MicroView Users using Client Server

Creating New MV User

Check that they have enough users, you may have to deactivate some or buy more licenses:

  1. MVFM – setup & utilities – MV FM Setup
  2. Create MV User Record
    • MVFM – setup & utilities – MV FM Setup – MicroView FM Users
    • Create record (copy existing record if possible)
      • User Name (make the same as AFM User Name)
      • Active YES
      • Link AFM User Name
      • Does not need password, will use AFM User password

  1. Create Surveyor Record
    • MVFM – Inspections and Surveys – Background Data – Surveyors (Friendly Names)
      • Table: mv_surveyor
    • Add surveyor ID and employee ID to link them
      • This is what shows in “requested by” in the activity log/work request
  2. Add to group
    • MVFM – setup & utilities – MV FM Setup – Group Members
    • Select […] to choose survey group. Add users to that group and click save

  1. Modify FM user record – give privileges
    • Open table: AFM_USER
    • View fields: Group1 to Group 10
    • Make sure they are added to groups SV_MOBILE and SV_SURVEY (in any group column)

That’s it!

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