How Equipment Records are Associated with Work Orders and Preventive Maintenance

ARCHIBUS allows equipment to be associated with both on demand work orders and preventive maintenance work orders. During the creation of an on demand work request, a user has the ability to reference equipment on the ticket. As displayed in the figure below, once equipment is selected, key warranty information is displayed. A user can also list current requests for the selected equipment to understand if this equipment item already has active work assigned in the system. The ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance application allows users to define preventive maintenance procedures, and then assign these procedures to specific equipment items and locations in your facility by running the “Assign Procedures to Equipment or Location” task. For example, if you have defined a general procedure for changing a filter, you can assign this procedure to each equipment item whose filter must be changed. If you wish, you can assign multiple procedures to multiple equipment items at one time. For example, you might want to select at one time all equipment items that have filters, and then assign the filter-changing procedure.

Figure 15: Equipment can be referenced in an on demand work order, either during the initial request or after the work order has been approved.

Figure 16: The Assign Procedures to Equipment or Location form allows for easy assignment of PM Procedures to equipment.

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