How Building Permits are Used and Tracked

The ARCHIBUS Compliance Management application helps track permits and licenses for an organization. From the Manage My Permits and Licenses task, you can track information about requirements that have either the Permit or License Requirement Types for compliance programs for which you are entered as the Responsible Person. From the Manage My Permits and Licenses task, you can:

  • Use the Filter console to locate the permit or license requirement you want to work with
  • Export the list of permit and license requirements to a Word DOCX file (by clicking DOCX), or to an Excel spreadsheet (by clicking XLS.)
  • Update information for the permit or license requirement
  • Update the Event Status or Responsible Person for your events for permit and license requirements.
  • Review locations added for the permit and license events.
  • Add documents that provide details on this event. Add communications logs that provide notes on your activity for this even
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