How Archibus Tracks Information for Employees, Crews, and Labor Rates

The ARCHIBUS product suite tracks employees, crews, and their associated attributes through the identification and use of Craftspersons and Work Teams.

Craftspersons (Employees and Contractors)

Craftspersons are those people that are assigned work orders in order to execute and complete them. Craftspersons can be internal to your organization or can be a contractor. For each craftsperson, ARCHIBUS allows an organization to track hourly rate, primary trade, and whether the person is in-house or contractor, among other information.

Work Teams (Crews)

Your organization may group together maintenance personnel of different skills (plumber, electrician) and performing various tasks (executing work, approving, estimating work) into a work team. In ARCHIBUS, you can define your work teams so that you can assign maintenance staff to them. For each work team, you can define whether craftspersons in the work team can self-assign work (based on your organization’s preferences). In addition, craftspersons can be assigned to multiple work teams, which provides an organization with a great amount of flexibility when implementing Service Level Agreement routing workflow.

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