How Archibus Tracks Equipment Rentals

In ARCHIBUS, equipment rentals are processed through Resource Reservations. Working from the Reservations application, you can use the Create New Resource Reservation task when you want to reserve only a resource and do not need to also reserve a room. You can create resource reservations for either a one-time or a recurring schedule. If you are reserving a room along with equipment, use the Create Room and Resource Reservation task. This task enables you to reserve the room and the equipment from one screen. By reserving the room and equipment together, you can manage them together. For example, if you need to cancel the room, you cancel the equipment in the same operation. You can create a resource reservation to reserve:

  • Equipment and services, such as tables, chairs, projectors, TVs, and IT support. These are unique or limited resources for which the application does a quantity check.
  • Catering services, such as coffee, tea and sandwiches for which there is an unlimited quantity. Catering is an unlimited resource. The resources that are shown depend on the information you enter in the filter, your user role, and how the resources is defined.

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