How Archibus Supports Regulatory Compliance

Organizations around the world are subject to a vast array of local, regional, national, and international laws, regulations, and standards pertaining to their properties and facilities. Organizations might also have internal programs and policies that they need to manage. Tracking these requirements is a complex task given the large number of requirements, the critical need to complete these requirements on schedule, and the potentially large fines and penalties for noncompliance. Using the ARCHIBUS Compliance Management application, you can organize your compliance information by regulation, program, and requirements, enabling you to:

  • Reduce the incidence of overdue events (events that do not start on time), and missed events (events that do not complete on time)
  • Reduce violations and their associated costs by ensuring critical due dates are not missed
  • Maintain a comprehensive Compliance Management Document Library that you customize into folders for quick and easy retrieval
  • Provide an audit trail by enabling you to easily store and retrieve requirements details, including documents, communications logs, and location information
  • Track and manage your compliance programs by providing multiple operational and management reports, including charts, and EIS reports that show your compliance programs on a map
  • Integrate your compliance programs into top-level project planning, management, and coordination Compliance Program Managers use the application to manage all aspects of their compliance programs. Compliance Program Coordinators can manage their assigned programs and requirements. If you are using the ARCHIBUS Project Management application, the Compliance Project Manager can create compliance projects that also appear in the Project Management application. From Project Management, you can manage all aspects of the project to do top-level planning across multiple compliance programs.

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