How Archibus Supports Purchasing Limits and Approvals

All purchase orders must be approved before they can be Issued or Received. Approvers can either approve or reject purchase orders directly in the Manage Purchase Orders view in the Edit Purchase Order pane using the Approve or Reject buttons. These buttons appear only if the status is requested, and you are configured as an approver. The following describes how work flow affects the purchase order approval status:

  • A newly created purchase order is auto-approved if the logged-in user is configured as an approver.
  • Otherwise, the newly created purchase order is set to the Requested status.
  • Approved purchase orders are given a status of Approved; rejected ones are given the status of Rejected. This occurs when you click the Approve or Reject action buttons. When you reject a purchase order, any fields you entered are saved, except the Amount Approved which must be null until the purchase order is approved.
  • An approver can make changes to the purchase order before approving or rejected the request, including making changes to the line items.
  • Individual purchase order line items cannot be approved or rejected. When purchase order line items are created, they have a status of Awaiting Issue. They become issued when you issue the purchase order, or you can manually set the line items status.
    The field Amount Approved is required to approve the request. The Amount Approved value in the form is automatically set to equal the Total Cost field. Total Cost is a virtual field, calculated as Quantity to Purchase multiplied by Unit Cost. If you edit any cost fields, such as State Tax, the system updates both the Total Cost and the Amount Approved fields.

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