How Archibus Schedules Labor and Facility Resources for Special Events

Note: this document references the Planning Board, which was replaced with the Labor Scheduler in v23.2

Once a request is routed for event support, the supervisor or scheduler can assign and schedule labor or other resources. One way to do this in ARCHIBUS is by using the planning board. The Planning Board provides a graphical interface for planning work and scheduling craftspersons. Using the Planning Board, a supervisor or scheduler can drag and drop tasks for work requests onto a calendar that shows all your craftspersons. This enables you to schedule work while viewing the planned hours that each craftsperson will spend on jobs, giving you the information you need to schedule for maximum efficiency. The Planning Board tool considers the defined rules of the governing SLA, such as the service window, holidays, and completion dates. The Planning Board can be used along with other ways of scheduling work:

  • You can also schedule craftspersons using the Schedule action available from the Building Operations Console; schedules that you make with the Schedule action also appear on the Planning Board.
  • Work scheduled using a mobile device using the Schedule action also shows up on the Planning Board. The supervisor for the work can review this work from the Planning Board, and can adjust the schedule for this work. However, the Planning Board is not available from a mobile device.
  • If you are working from the Process Navigator-based screens, in addition to scheduling craftspersons and tools using the On Demand Estimate and Schedule task and the Preventive Maintenance Schedule task, as a supervisor or scheduler you can schedule craftspersons using the Planning Board.
  • The system reserves the tools for the specified time period.

Figure 57: The left side of the Planning Board shows the Task Tree of problem types, work requests, and estimations of trades. The right side of the Planning Board shows a calendar of each craftsperson’s work grouped by trade, and organized by a specific date range.

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