How Archibus is Able to Project Life Cycle Costs and Deferred Maintenance Backlog

Could you justify increased deferred maintenance and capital renewal spending based on static, and possibly outdated information? The ARCHIBUS Condition Assessment provides an objective, dynamic process for evaluating physical assets to help substantiate corrective action, based on risk mitigation and operational priorities. Using Condition Assessment’s accurate, timely repository can help increase asset service life, minimize costly downtime, reduce administrative expense, and streamline capital planning and budgeting processes. Successful deployment could deliver improved Facility Condition Indices at a lower total cost of occupancy. After assessors return from the field, cost estimators or assessment managers will review the assessment items and enter financial data concerning the cost of fixing the deficiency. Once financial information is entered, you can run the Condition Assessment Scoreboard to get an overview of your facility, complete with estimated costs for repair. You can also run the application’s financial analysis reports that deal with estimated costs, and prepare how to resolve these items. The Condition Assessment Scoreboard presents a graphical summary of assessment data. Organizations use the scoreboard to quickly gain an overview of the current state of your facility, to quickly see the most urgent tasks and the estimated costs of resolving them, and then to drill down to more detailed data. You can then decide which items you will immediately address and which you need to postpone. In addition to the Condition Assessment Scorecard, ARCHIBUS comes with many reports to help your facilities team better understand the condition of their portfolios and display the knowledge needed to analyze and move forward with repairing and replacing critical assets. These reports include:

  • Assessment Project Statistics by Location
  • Assessments with Condition/Sustainability Ratings Greater than 25
  • Open Safety Issues/Open Energy Usage Issues
  • Work Request Summary by Active Assessment Items by Project
  • Unacceptable Assessment Items by Priority
  • Building Conditions Summary/Building Sustainability Summary
  • Costs and Ratings by Classification Levels 1, 2, 3 for Regions, Sites, and Buildings Once Condition Assessment surveys have been entered, organizations can use the Analyze Facility Condition Index Scenarios report to create alternate scenarios for resolving deferred maintenance backlog items and then analyze those scenarios. The Analyze Facility Condition Index Scenarios report enables organizations to create different scenario that assign different years in which condition assessment items will be addressed, and then compare the funding required per year and the Facility Condition Index that will result.

Figure 33: The Condition Assessment Scoreboard tracks conditions in the field, identify high-priority items at a glance, and drill down to detailed information for taking immediate corrective action.

Figure 34: Use the Analyze Facility Condition Index Scenarios report to plan the resolution for an organization’s deferred maintenance backlog.

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