Exporting Maintenance Console to Excel

Exporting Maintenance Console to Excel

These instructions will show you how to restrict to work requests based on their scheduled date (date to perform) and export the task list to excel. This process can be used to take a list of scheduled work into the field for craftspeople or vendors.

Show/Hide desired Fields

  1. From the Maintenance Console select “Options”, then “Select Work Request Fields”; a popup window will open.

  1. On the left you will see “Available Fields”, select the fields you wish to see and click “Show”. To the right are your “Visible Fields”, you may remove items from the list with the “Hide” button, and choose to move them up or down the list to rearrange how the fields display. Once you have made all desired changes click “Update”.

Set Group By

  1. You may choose to group your report by “Status” or “Problem Type”. To do so, use the drop down in the upper righthand corner of the page and make your selection.

Restrict by Date to Perform

  1. Be sure to have added “Date to Perform” to your visible fields.
  2. Click the “More” button in the upper-middle part of the page. A popup window will open with more filtering options.

  1. Enter the date range you wish to view, then click “filter”. You will be shown a list of all requests that have a date to perform within that range.

4) Export to Excel

1.Click the “Export” button. From the drop down select “Export to XLS”.

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