Equipment Code Naming Standards

Equipment Naming Standards

Suggested standard for asset codes.

Naming Standards

  • 16 characters
  • [Team]-[Use]-[Type]-[#]
  • This standard is somewhat flexible to allow for “meaningful” names, like for example telecom switches include their building in the code for easier data connections.


  • TC-SWI-167-IDF-3 (Telecom-Switch-Building 167-IDF-Number 3)
  • SEC-FIRE-EXT-224 (Security-Fire-Extinguisher-Number 224)
  • PLB-URN-0008 (Plumbing-Urinal-Number 8)
    • Note that equipment that there are many of should include enough leading zeros so that they are listed in order, for example if there are 100 urinals, starting with -8 would not be sufficient and should be at least -008.
  • UNI-VE-M-N-2X (Uniform-Vest-Mens-Navy-Size 2X)

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