Archibus Web Central Navigation v25 UI

ARCHIBUS Web Central Navigation v25 UI

Sidebar Navigation

ARCHIBUS Web Central has a new look and feel and the sidebar navigation is new. The important elements are the home button, search, and favorites.

  1. Sidebar Navigation: Select to open the panels and drill down from application, to processes, to tasks. You will only see the ones that are assigned to your role.

  1. Collapsible Sidebar: Click the arrow at the bottom of the sidebar to collapse it if it is taking up too much room on your screen

  1. Favorites: Your favorites are now in the sidebar. To add/remove favorites when a view is open click the star icon. When the star is solid it will be visible if you click on favorites in your side navigation.

  1. ARCHIBUS Help: Click the question mark to view the comprehensive help site provided by ARCHIBUS. Note that this will likely provide more information than most users want and is not specific to your ARCHIBUS installation.

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