ARCHIBUS Space Management

Space Inventory

Identifying and tracking the location of space inventory is the foundation of robust CMMS and Project Management activities. Work Orders must be identified to a location as well as different project management actions needed to support building operations and asset inventory management. Space Management is the hub of ARCHIBUS modules and is used for advanced applications in BIM (building information modeling) for 2D and 3D visualization, GIS asset and property tracking, mobile based surveys and assessments and more. A space inventory is a listing with floor plans on the different types of space in a facility and how these areas are used. For example, a space inventory can report on each floor’s vertical penetration areas (stairways and elevator shafts), service areas (bathrooms, hallways, and closets), departmental boundaries, rooms, and the common areas used by multiple departments (cafeterias, libraries, and conference rooms). In addition to answering the fundamental question of “What does my space look like?”, space inventories are prerequisites for cost analyses, area use analyses, tenant plans, chargeback analyses, employee occupancy plans, and space planning exercises. Additionally, if you wish to use facility drawings to graphically represent furniture, equipment, or maintenance work locations, you must start with a space inventory and represent each floor’s areas in a drawing. A sample listing of space attributes tracked in ARCHIBUS are in the following table:

To track changes to an organization’s space history, ARCHIBUS provides a feature called Workspace Transactions. This method records changes to room assignments (such as changes to employee assignment, department assignment, type, and category) as a series of Workspace Transactions records. Space changes recorded in Workspace Transactions can result from space reassignments as well as from departmental requests to claim space, group moves, and individual moves.

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