RSC partners with ESRI to tackle workplace challenges and deliver results that move businesses forward with efficiency and effectiveness. We help clients deploy GIS solutions as platforms for collaboration and insight, in order to drive the data‐driven decision making that creates meaningful business impact.

Our team of experts provide full‐service assistance to install, configure, and/or build ArcGIS solutions that integrate and maximize the usage of mission-critical data ‐ from location and wayfinding to interior and exterior asset management.

RSC's silver level partnership with ESRI enables us to provide our clients cutting‐edge technology and professional services they need to succeed in their business goals.

ESRI Partner Silver Level
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ArcGIS System Ready

RSC services include Esri technology expertise, and solutions for mapping, field operations, spatial analytics, imagery and remote sensing, 3D GIS and data management. We are ready to help your organization leverage the latest capabilities.

State & Local Government
State & Local Government

RSC offers implementation services for customers in city, state, and provincial governments. Partners in the State and Local Government Specialty apply their knowledge and expertise in ArcGIS and ArcGIS Solutions to develop and configure ready‐to‐use solutions.

Seamless Data Access

RSC is experienced with connecting ArcGIS data to your existing workplace and asset management systems for easy access to exterior and interior assets and facilities data via centralized dashboards and reports.

Indoor ArcGIS Specialty
Indoor ArcGIS Specialty

RSC engages with you to create, manage, analyze, and map indoor data across your organization which will improve mobility and create an empowered, more productive workspace.

ESRI Indoor geographic information system (GIS) is a complete geospatial system to create, manage, analyze, and map indoor data that enables shared awareness of your facility operations to deliver greater efficiency and engagement.

  •  Digital floor plans
  •  Indoor space management
  •  Asset Tracking
  •  Real‐time indoor data (people, assets, conditions)
  •  Enhanced safety and security
  •  Location information and analysis
Bring your GIS indoors.

Indoor location technology provides visibility into asset locations, patterns of use, and analytics to understand spaces and find smarter ways to interact with our built environments.

Advantages of Indoor GIS.

Understanding where any asset is—in a digital platform that connects multiple data sources—allows for a single source of truth for smart building management.

Create a new source of business intelligence.

Esri's indoor mapping system connects facility data with other sources including CAD, BIM, and reality capture with advanced analysis to support decision‐making.

Seamless integration with existing systems.

Use REALS to connect ArcGIS Indoors data with your existing workplace and asset management systems for easy access from dashboards and reports.

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