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Strong Professional Consulting Skills

Providing strong consulting services requires a listening attitude. RSC staff are trained to have no preconceived ideas. We Listen, Comprehend, Synthesis, and then consult. This approach provides our customer with the solution they requested.

Why consult on IWMS?

Why Consult on IWMS?


Listening is cruitical to providing successful solutions. Our clients often understand their needs better then we do. By listening RSC staff can begin to understand the required solution. Often the solution is more then a technical solution. It involves business process, technology, and manoeuvring through a political stage. RSC is equipped to provide professional solutions with these three factors in mind.


Translating the desired request into functional tools requires a strong design process. RSC synthesizes the desired program requirements into workable solutions by drawing upon staff strengths, professional experience, and strong design skills.

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The technology selected must be flexible enough to maneuver the Business Process and Political Environment. Installing, populating data, and writing reports are all just a smaller portion of the successful IWMS implementation. Too often a company will focus on the features of the technology and ignore the business process and politics. RSC works with our clients to determine the technology features that are most important to our clients, our client’s desired business processes, and the current political climate to ensure the right goals are met.

Graph of features and capabilities of a robust software.

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A business process is simply defined as the way you accomplish work. RSC examines what is working, what is not working, and what are nice-to-haves. When these are defined, analyzed, charted, and agreed upon, a clear path to success can be accomplished. RSC understands that business processes are not always easy to change and should not need to be changed to fit a technical solution. We focus on making sure the technology fit the desired process.

Graph of a business process and workflow.

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All organizations have political drivers. They may range from cost constraints, manpower needs, higher priorities, or specialized operations. Recognizing these drivers is a key factor in successfully implementing IWMS. Each department or cost center may have various and sometimes conflicting drivers. A clear understanding of additional process and data needs will need to be driven from within the organization’s leadership. If the desired outcome is left to the individual department or cost center managers without a clear understanding of the desired results the likelihood of having a successful implementation and achieving those desired results is reduced.

Team members from different departments maintaining a strong, professional relationship.

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