RSC has offered custom Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) solutions for nearly 20 years, to large and small companies. Centralize your data, reduce the operational cost, improve sustainability by receiving accurate data in real time. Make data digestible for all employees and create a better workplace.

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Can software help you understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

Move Management

Where's Wally? We know and we can help you know too!

Space Planning & Management

Is space the final frontier? We think so!

Capital Project Management

What time is that project due? We can tell you!

Building Operations

Clean up on Floor 4! We've got you covered!

Environmental & Risk Management

Why, you're looking quite green today! Thank you very much!

Asset Management

Do you know where that new piece of equipment is? Why, yes I do!

Workplace Services

Where's the location of my next meeting?

According to Chief Outsiders this is what our customers value about RSC!

  • RSC makes ARCHIBUS work through value-added consulting and configuration.
  • RSC bridges gaps in communications between your key departments involved in Space Management & Facilities Planning, Corp Real Estate & Facilities.
  • RSC’s strong track record of 99% on new customer implementations is largely unrivaled in the industry. We do what it takes to make our customers successful.
  • RSC has strong mobile capability offering.
  • RSC strives to understand business process and consult proactively on solving your biggest challenges.
  • RSC, all about instilling Best Practice in the IWMS industry to ensure our customers’ success.
  • Whether it is solving your integration challenges with 3rd party systems, consulting on Best Practices for your Facilities Planning and Space Management or bridging the gap between your key stakeholders and divisions for success in IWMS, RSC is your vendor of choice.
  • RSC, not just about the IWMS solution, but about the business process and communication as well.
  • Why! Why!

    We are passionate about meeting the needs of our clients by providing state of the art, easy to use, and modern IWMS solutions.

    Why! How!

    We study technologies, review and assess for applicability, and work to embrace and incorporate the appropriate solutions.

    Why! What!

    We provide the results for medium to large companies to help manage their assets through Fast, Efficient, Professional IWMS Tools and Consulting.